1-10.000 AMP


ARM Microcontroller unit

Input voltage : 380/400/420 VAC 3P

Input voltage : 220-230 VAC 1P

Input frequency:50-60 Hz

Output voltage : 1-220 VDC (Adjusment)

Output Amp : 1-10.000 (Adjusment)

Efficiency : %98

Screen type : 4x20 Lcd

Plc and pc connection

Over Load, Over Voltage, Low Voltage, short circuit protections



battery chargerbattery charger

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DNS BATTERY CHARGER Volt and Amp adjustable charger is a five stage charging programmed fully automatic battery charging group.
Devices in this group can be used for all batteries with the nominal voltage value 12V up to 110 V and designed to be used with small and easy–use batteries in plug and run format.
In DNS series microprocessor thyristor and ıgbt is used which enables battery to be charged automatically with automatically adjusted current voltage values without any intervention.
Thyristor control prevents the battery from being affected by fluctuations on the network and an extreme regulation would be obtained as well as protection from operator faults.
The device has a panel where the operator can follow the entire process.
There are LCD indicators on the panel showing batter charge level and errors. Charging parameters are pre-loaded during production of the device according to the battery type which will be used with and these parameters can not be changed by the operator.