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ikonThree phase voltage stabilizer 150 KVA

Dns 150 kva servo voltage stabilizer is a high technological solution for operation of your sensitive devices without any problem wherever the main supply is not trusted. Produced of high quality variac,motor materials, that can operate with high efficiency under extreme fast voltage changing conditions. Thus, it has extremely high speed response (600 VAC) Easy usage with its compact design, maintenance free and long life facilities. The stabilizers has CE , ISO AND TUV certificate as well. We produce as single phase stabilizer wide range of voltage stabilizer. We have also other quality certificates for 150 kva voltage regulator solutions and other all servo voltage stabilizers. Our 150 kva voltage three phase or single phase stabilizer three phase reduces the cost of the electricity bill.This voltage stabilizer made from variac, stepper motor, transformer and electronic card .
Dns 150 kva static voltage stabilizer made by from the thyristor controller. This 150 kva stabilizer is provided fast voltage transients and response is 15 milliseconds with semi conducting thyristor.
150 kva static voltage stabilizer is consist of 7 thyristor module , step transition is performed with the zero-crossing and get the reference from the grid.
Thyristors are driven by 20 khz with puls transformer in static voltage stabilizer.
thyristor access to gates voltage is ideal for thyristor thanks to 20 khz signal created by pwm module in the hardware architectures microprocessor used.

150 kva servo voltage stabilizer150 kva servo voltage stabilizer



150 kva voltage stabilizer single phase


Microprocessor controller unit

Input voltage : 155/250 VAC

Input frequency:50-60 Hz

Output voltage : 220 VAC

Output power : 150 kva

Screen type : Lcd or Digit

Efficiency : %98

150 kva three phase voltage stabilizer


Microprocessor controller unit

Input voltage : 275/450 VAC

Input frequency : 50-60 Hz

Output voltage : 380 /400 /410 VAC

Output power : 150 kva

Screen type : Lcd or Digit

Efficiency : %98


Dimensions are the same as static regulator (Weight is different)


150 kva voltage stabilizer single phase dimension


150 kva voltage stabilizer three phase dimension

Depth: 68 cm
Height: 155 cm
Width: 95 cm

Weight: 850 kg

three phase stabilizerthree phase stabilizer




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